Ethos and Aims


We set out to develop each child’s capacity for the intellectual, creative and physical skills appropriate to their age, so that each child achieves a sense of personal fulfilment and feels both successful and appreciated. We aim to provide a safe environment in which children may grow and thrive happily, whilst receiving an exemplary education from a dedicated team of professionals. We support our children to grow naturally and successfully into confident, well-balanced, self-disciplined and considerate individuals who are aware of their responsibilities within a community.


In order to achieve this, our aim is that our teaching should enable each pupil to:

  • become an independent and critical learner.
  • understand, respect and appreciate the richness and diversity of other religions and cultures.
  • demonstrate appropriate knowledge and understanding of the subject matter being taught.
  • develop their self-respect.
  • be enthusiastic about learning.
  • should develop a pride in achievement and a desire to succeed.
  • should understand what they are doing, how well they have done and how much more they can achieve.

Every child should have an equal opportunity to achieve their full potential regardless of race, colour, gender, disabilities, special educational needs or socio-economic background.

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