You are about to make one of the most important decisions, on behalf of your child, which you will ever have to make.

I have no doubt from the fact that you are reading this, that education is something you value highly. At Bricklehurst, education is regarded as precious; we offer a curriculum which is strong on the basics and wide for interest and motivation.

We seek to give security and confidence to each and every pupil, so that your child can happily fulfil their potential. We can honestly say that our pupils are well prepared for their secondary schools and enter that phase of their education as well-rounded, happy and confident individuals. My aim is to provide a safe environment in which children may grow and thrive happily, whilst receiving an exemplary education from a dedicated team of professionals.

Please browse through our website and gain a flavour of what we have to offer. Additionally feel free to contact us to either join us for an Open Morning, or I will gladly take you on a personal tour so that you can experience the magic of Bricklehurst for yourself.


Mrs Christine Flowers

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