Bricklehurst Manor School was founded in 1959 as an independent day school for boys and girls. Today, it remains a flourishing co-educational IAPS school with its own high achieving Kindergarten and a reputation for happy children who go onto their next schools with a keen, sensible attitude towards learning and the ability to think and work independently and with enjoyment.

The building has a rich history. Previously a private house, with records to show that the house dates back to the thirteenth century, Bricklehurst retains many home-like characteristics not least a friendly, family atmosphere which helps young children bridge the gap between home and school, enabling them to gain confidence in the security of familiar surroundings.

Throughout the school’s history it has always had a family focus, from when it began in 1959 with just 45 children, led by the Head Teacher Liz Eberlie. The present owner Christine Flowers has retained the school as a family run business, and was appointed as Head Teacher in September 2000 and worked tirelessly to improve facilities, broaden the curriculum and update resources. In September 2016 Christine appointed Kate Elliott to the position of Head Teacher, and together they both retain the family feel that makes Bricklehurst so unique.

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