A selection of the many testimonials about the school:

My daughters have thrived in their Prep years and the teaching has been first class. They leave BMS with wonderful, happy memories and an abundance of confidence.
Year 6 Parent
The school actively encourages excellent manners. Children in the upper years are happy to assist the younger ones which creates a ‘family’ feel about the school.
Year 5 Parent
Bricklehurst Manor is an amazing school. All the staff (including non-teaching) have the best interests of the children as a priority. It is a kind, warm, polite, caring school that is child focused. Every child is an asset to the school and their learning ability matters most – the gifted are stretched, without pressure, and those needing support are cherished for their efforts. Individuality is encouraged and a couple of rules are thoroughly enforced. Respect for each other and compassion. Just look at the garden and you see how everyone cares for their surroundings and each other. Thank you all!
Year 5 Parent
A particular quality of the school is the open door policy, where you can speak to any member of staff on the same day as an issue may arise. We feel unlike some school, the Headmistress knows every child in the schools needs, traits and abilities. We completely trust her judgement when advising us of appropriate secondary schools which will meet our children’s needs.
Year 4 Parent
We could not be happier with the school and actively recommend it to others at every opportunity.
Year 3 Parent
Our son has benefitted enormously from the broad and challenging curriculum that this school offers. Furthermore his emotional and social needs have been extremely well met as a result of the wonderful relationships forged between staff and pupils. The endless enrichment activities woven through the school year make Bricklehurst’s provision outstanding for us. Finally it has been delightful to see our son, who was born in another country, developing his own set of fundamental British values as a result of being at Bricklehurst. Many, many thanks to all of the staff for all of your hard work.
Year 3 Parent
My daughter’s class teacher has an excellent understanding of the children and goes out of his way to help.
Year 3 Parent
I wish I had gone to school at Bricklehurst.
Year 3 Parent
I am very happy with the school and my son is very happy, and we have never had any issue with him attending school and he always happily attends. I feel that the school supports each individual child and is aware of their needs.
Year 2 Parent
We are new parents and have been really pleased how our son has been welcomed to the school. He has been made very comfortable in his new surroundings (he loves his teacher!) We look forward to being a part of the school in the coming years.
Year 1 Parent
A superb environment for children to thrive and develop.
Reception Parent
We couldn’t be happier with the provision for our daughter at Bricklehurst, she is making exceptional progress and we know that she is supported by every member of the school community. We are particularly impressed by the effective leadership of the school, where high expectations of teaching and attainment are encouraged from Kindergarten all the way up to Year 6.
Kindergarten Parent

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