From Reception all children stay at school for the full day and receive a thorough, broad education from experienced, qualified staff. In addition to our class teachers we have teaching assistants and this enables us to keep a high teacher pupil ratio, as well as giving flexibility in providing extra help to individual children and to small groups.

We also have specialist teachers for children who need additional academic support. Extra help may be given alongside the child in the classroom or on a one-to-one / small group basis in a support room. Each child is assessed to maximise the benefits of an individual programme. In accordance with the Children and Families Bill (March 2014), we have an obligation to publish a document called a ‘Local offer’. The purpose of this document is to explain how we provide for children with Special educational Needs in the Early Years, therefore this will help families to make the choice about where to educate their child/ren. This offer is accurate now, but services are regularly reviewed and could change. All information will be updated as soon as possible to reflect any new service offer. This offer is intended to give you clear, accurate and accessible information.

Local offer - Early Years Department


We offer an extensive curriculum throughout the school;
English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Religious Education, Art, Design, Information Technology, French, Music, Drama, Dance and Physical Education with the emphasis on the core subjects.

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