Life after Bricklehurst

We feel that it is incredibly important to really think about each child’s individual needs before suggesting where they may wish to continue their education and life after Bricklehurst. The benefit of being a small, nurturing school means that we get to know our pupils, academically and socially, so we feel that we are in a good position to help parents to make the next big decision about their child’s education. We have an open door policy, so parents are always welcome to come in to talk about new schools once they feel they are ready. Below is a list of open days that we are aware of for possible future schools, many of which our children have gone on to (please check their website to make sure they haven’t changed!):

SchoolOpen DayWebsite
Battle Abbey16th September
Bedes16th September
Beechwood Sacred Heart7th October
Benenden12th October
Bethany23rd September
Claremont7th October
Heathfield Community CollegeUpon request
JuddUpon request
Mayfield 20th September
7th November
Skinners7th October
Tonbridge Boys23rd September
Tonbridge Girls GrammarUpon request
Tunbridge Well Boys Grammar16th September
19th September
Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar18th October
Uplands Community CollegeUpon request
Vinehall4th October
6th October
Weald of Kent Grammar School for Girls5th October

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