As soon as a child starts at Bricklehurst they are allocated a House to which they will belong throughout their entire time with us. These houses are Scotney, Batemans, Pashley or Chartwell. We believe that having a house system encourages children to work well with others older or younger than themselves. It encourages team work and for some to take on leadership roles for the benefit of their house.

Many activities are held throughout the school year where children work together in their houses and gain house points. Such events are:

  • Inter-house Cross Country
  • Inter-house Netball
  • Inter-house Football
  • Annual Pancake Race
  • Handwriting Competition
  • Art Competition
  • Book Week Competition
  • Inter-house General Knowledge Quiz

In addition to this merits are given out daily by all members of the school community to children displaying qualities that we think are exemplary of a Bricklehurst child. These merits are collected by the class teachers and totalled up at the end of each week. The merits are then converted where the house with the most merits is awarded 4 house points, the second highest total of merits is awarded 3 house points, the 3 highest total of merits is awarded 2 house points and the house with the least merits is awarded just 1 point.

These house points are totalled up at the end of the year and the victorious house become the holders of the Inter-house cup. At the moment, the cup holders are Batemans.

Current Scores


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