The Pre-Prep Day

ListeningThe school is open from 8:15 and children are welcome to go to their classes to work independently through activities during this time. Pre-Prep Registration takes place at 8:40, followed by an assembly on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Lessons begin at 9:00 and run for 30-45 minutes following the timetable below.

Time Activity
9:00 Lesson 1
9:45 Lesson 2
10:30 Breaktime play
11:00 Lesson 3
11:45 Lesson 4
12:30 Lunchtime
1:00 Lunchtime play
1:30 Lesson 5
2:15 Lesson 6
3:00 Lesson 7
3:30 End of day

Teaching (2)Every class has a form teacher who will deliver the majority of their lessons. In Pre-Prep children benefit from specialist teaching in Music, Drama, Dance, PE and French. There are designated Pre-Prep teaching assistants who support in class, as well as delivering additional support or extension courses as required. Each member of staff in the Pre-Prep department is trained according to the needs of this phase.

For more information about the subjects taught in the Pre-Prep, please visit our Subject page

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