The Prep Day

Calm GirlsThe school is open from 8:15 and children are welcome to go to their classes to work independently through activities during this time. Prep Registration takes place at 8:40, followed by an assembly on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Lessons begin at 9:00 and run for 45 minutes following the timetable below.

Time Activity
9:00 Lesson 1
9:45 Lesson 2
10:30 Breaktime play
11:00 Lesson 3
11:45 Lesson 4
12:30 Lunchtime play
1:00 Lunchtime
1:30 Lesson 5
2:15 Lesson 6
3:00 Lesson 7
4:00 End of day

UniformEvery Prep class has a form teacher who will deliver the majority of their lessons. In Prep, children benefit from specialist teaching in Music, Drama, Dance, Girls PE, Boys PE and French. In addition we timetable wherever possible for subject leaders to deliver their own subjects in Art, Geography, History and Science. There are designated Prep teaching assistants who support in class, as well as delivering additional support or extension courses as required. Each member of staff in the Prep department is trained according to the needs of this phase.

For more information about the subjects taught in the Pre-Prep, please visit our Subject page

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