PGL Trip to Normandy

Feel free to follow the progress of our Year 5s and 6s as they embark upon their trip to Normandy. Please do comment too!

Monday  7:24

They’re off!

Monday  13:45

The children are now on French soil and making good progress towards the chateau. Approximate arrival time of 18:00.

Monday 18:00

They have arrived! They are all unpacking and about to have supper and then some exciting evening events. The teachers have reported back that everyone is very happy and very excited!

 Monday 19:00

Dinner is served…

Monday 19:45

The evenings activity around the campfire.

Tuesday 7:09

Good morning!

Morning 1

 Tuesday 11:45

Some photos of our activities this morning:

Tuesday 12:47

Picnic lunch

Tuesday 17:00

More fun from Tuesday including Les Mini Olympiades

 Wednesday 15:10

This morning the children went to the local market where they had to make purchases speaking in French. They then spent the afternoon abseiling and trying archery:


Wednesday 18:45

One last night of fun and mayhem before heading to bed before the journey home tomorrow.


Thursday 12:45

They have left and are currently 2 hours away from Calais.

Thursday 15:15

About to board the train, so on course for 6pm. Updates will follow.

Comments ( 26 )
  1. Daniel Tero

    Aurevoir!! Bon Vacance!! Have a great time. Kate and Dan xxx

  2. Ameena Corrigan

    Well done for getting them all away!! That’s one coach of VERY excited children!!

  3. Rebecca Hope

    Have an amazing time!

  4. Nats Callan

    Well done for surviving the journey! Have a super time everyone! xx

  5. Bella Williams

    Thank you for the photos and updates. Lovely to know you’ve all arrived safely. Have fun. Miss you Ed!! Bella, Nick and Ben xxx

  6. Ameena Corrigan

    Fantastic! Well done for surviving the coach, and I hope you all have a good nights sleep! Xx

  7. Night, night everyone. Have a good night’s sleep ready for an exciting day tomorrow. Sally x

  8. James Gill

    I hope there weren’t too many full buckets at the end of the journey!
    Missing you Izzles, it’s very quiet without you! Have fun.
    All our love, Mum, Dad, Amelia, Boris , Boysie, Tiggs, Lily. Xx

  9. Ameena Corrigan

    Marshmallows…on the first night!!!! Awesome!!!
    Have a great day everyone!!

  10. Claire Burfield

    Looking very bright this morning considering the long day yesterday! Thanks for all the updates, have a fabulous time. Missing you loads Reuben and Toby, it is very quiet with only a grumpy teenager in the house!! xxx

  11. Nova

    Have a great day everyone! X

  12. Daniel Tero

    Looks like lovely weather! Thanks for the pictures. X

  13. Caroline South

    Super pictures and so lovely to see everyone having fun. Looking forward to seeing the other great things they get up to. Miss you Harry, have fun, Caroline, Michael, Zack, Joshua and Tristan xx

  14. Ameena Corrigan

    It’s great you’ve got the sunshine! The baguettes look delicious! Love all the smiles!!!xxx

  15. Sophie Johnston

    Du soleil et un morceau de baguette !
    Quelle chance !
    Missing you but have fun
    Sophie et Chris

  16. Sally Keeble

    You got to have your ‘real’ french baguette – yippee! Have lots of fun. Mummy, Daddy and Jakey xx

  17. Ian Castello-Cortes

    Great pictures! Looks like you’re having a great time Cosmo – and better weather than in Trieste! The girls send love also xxxx

  18. Bella Williams

    So lovely to see how much fun you’re all having. Thanks for the updates. It’s feels very odd at school without you all and VERY quiet at home!!! Big hugs to Ed please!! Bella, Nick and Ben xx

  19. Marie Wright

    So good to see all those happy faces! Looks like lots of fun. Thanks for all the photos. Enjoy the last couple of days and safe journey back tomorrow. Big hugs to Jasper. Love Mummy, Daddy, Ella and Connor xxxxx (Bertie sends his love too)

  20. That all looks fantastic, much more fun than being a grownup. Missing you lots Tom, looking forward to Thursday night. Lots of love, Dad xxx

  21. Rebecca Hope

    E and O you appear to be having a fabulous time and not missing us one bit. Kipper sends hugs! Have a great day today all. Becs x

  22. Daniel Tero

    Hi Amelie! Looks like you’re all having the best time. Enjoy today and see you tomorrow. George is bored without you!
    Lots of love mummy, daddy, George and Louis xxxxx

  23. Annie Foster

    You all look like you’re having such a fabulous time – hope the sun keeps shining and Ellie we’re missing you lots… xxxxxxx

  24. Ameena Corrigan

    Amazing pics! The sun looks gorgeous on French shores!!
    I’m soooo jealous of the abseiling!!! Don’t look down!!
    Enjoy your last evening!!! Xxxxx

  25. Claire Skinner

    Glad you are having such fantastic weather- looks like you are having a great time! Really quiet without you Rory- sure you loved the archery today. Lots of love xxxx

  26. Jo McD

    Looks like you’re all having a great time!!! Fabulous photographs; looking forward to seeing you tomorrow to hear all about it. Lots of love Mum, Dad and Imy. xxx

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