About Us

About us

Bricklehurst Manor School is a flourishing, independent day school set in beautiful countryside around fifteen minutes from Tunbridge Wells. We welcome boys and girls aged three to eleven.

Our broad curriculum offers every child the opportunity to thrive, whether that means excelling academically, in the arts, music or sport.

A genuine family atmosphere, cultivated over many years, is what we feel most clearly sets Bricklehurst apart. We meet the high expectations parents have of independent schools, certainly – ISA membership, a high-achieving kindergarten and an excellent academic record. But we feel that the care and commitment shown by our staff over time, aided by a high teacher-pupil ratio, means that Bricklehurst is a particularly special place.

Ultimately, we provide a positive, nourishing environment for all the children in our care – children who grow naturally into robust, disciplined and considerate adults, and who take away many happy memories from their time with us.

Latest Inspection Reports from the ISI

ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report

ISI Inspection Report 2019.pdf