A family-run school

About us

A family-run school

Bricklehurst Manor School is a small school with a long, enviable history.

Before its life as a school, which began in 1959, Bricklehurst was a private house, first built in the thirteenth century. The friendly, family atmosphere we seek to cultivate means that Bricklehurst still has that home-like feel – a familiar place where our pupils are secure and looked-after, while gaining confidence.

The owner and Principal, Christine Flowers, retains the school as a family-run business. She works together with her daughter Laura Latimore and son Richard Flowers, who ensure that Bricklehurst meets, and exceeds, the standards of a leading independent school, while retaining the family feel that makes us so unique.

On this site, we hope to offer a flavour of the Bricklehurst experience, the opportunities open to your child, and a glimpse into the vibrant learning community we’ve created.

A welcome from the family

Thank you for taking the time to consider Bricklehurst for your child. We understand that choosing a school is an extremely important decision to make, and so we’ve done our best to make sure that this site as accessible and informative as possible.

Why do we think that Bricklehurst could be the best choice for you and your child? Well, in a nutshell: we offer a caring, nourishing environment that gives each and every pupil the security and confidence to fulfil their potential; our curriculum is strong on the essentials, yet allows for children to experience and explore a wide range of academic and creative disciplines; and we are gratified to say that our pupils’ emerge at age 11 happy and well-prepared for secondary school.

Of course, it’s tricky to get a real feel for what makes this vibrant school so special, so please do drop by for a visit. A warm welcome awaits!


Mrs Christine Flowers, Laura Latimore, Richard Flowers

A thirteenth-century house, sixty years of educational excellence, and a modern, thriving independent school with a fantastic family atmosphere