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School policies

We have several policies in place that ensure the best possible care for both the children and the adults at Bricklehurst Manor School.

Policies at Bricklehurst Manor School are readily available upon request. Parents can access a selection of policies by logging in to the Parent page, otherwise prospective parents may view these by requesting a paper copy from the school office:

• Admissions Policy
• Accessibility Policy
• Anti-Bullying Policy
• Behaviour, Rewards, Discipline and Exclusions Policy
• Calculations Policy
• Complaints Procedure
• Curriculum Policy
• Data Protection Policy
• E-Safety Policy
• Health and Safety Policy
• Missing Child and Late Collection Procedures
• Safeguarding and protection policy
• Special Educational Needs policy

Download our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2019

All policies are reviewed as it is deemed appropriate, but no less frequently than every 2 years. The policy review will be undertaken by the Principal, Mrs Christine Flowers, or a nominated representative. Contact the main school office if more information is required.