What we believe

About us

What we believe

Our ethos is to ensure that our children have faith in themselves and their abilities.

This ethos is woven into everything we do here, and we believe that it promotes inspired teaching and scholarship.

We nurture each child’s self-awareness and self-belief, and we place a high premium on maintaining a happy and mutually supportive environment.

We provide a safe environment in which children can grow and thrive, while receiving an exemplary education from a dedicated team of professionals.

We support our children to grow naturally and successfully into confident, well-balanced, self-disciplined and considerate individuals who are aware of their responsibilities within a community.

We encourage our children to be the best they can be through a rich, broad and dynamic curriculum.

We identify and nurture talent wherever we find it, which makes for a diverse and buoyant environment in which everyone feels supported and valued.

We ensure that our children can achieve their full potential at school. Then, when the time comes for them to leave us, every child will have the skills and inner confidence to flourish in the next stage of their journey, ready to embrace the opportunities the world outside has to offer.

We aim for our teaching to do more than simply produce strong exam results – our children should:

• become independent and critical learners
• demonstrate appropriate knowledge and understanding of subject matter
• develop their self-respect
• be enthusiastic about learning
• develop a pride in achievement and a desire to succeed
• understand, respect and appreciate the richness and diversity of other religions and cultures
• comprehend what they are doing, how well they have done and how much more they can achieve


Thank you for setting our children a super example and instilling in them values that will be with them for the rest of their lives.