Destinations and Scholarships Awarded


Destinations and scholarships awarded

We are proud of the many Bricklehurst children who have been awarded secondary school scholarships.

We prepare every child for entry into their school of choice, making sure that they have the skills and knowledge to pass the Common Entrance exam, Kent Selection (11+) or specific tests set by their future schools.

Over the years, we have forged strong relationships with a large number of senior schools, both grammar and independent. This means that our children are frequent participants in competitions and creative workshops held at these senior schools, by which they are gently introduced to a life beyond Bricklehurst.

Our son has flourished at your school beyond our expectations. You have helped him slowly build his ability to work more independently. He is now ready for the challenges of secondary school.

School NameDetails School NameDetails
Battle Abbey SchoolAcademic Scholarship (2017-18)
Academic Scholarship (2015-16)
Art Scholarship (2014-15)
Sport Scholarship (2016-17)
Sport Scholarship (2014-15)
Academic Scholarships x3 (2014-15)
Academic Scholarship (2013-14)
Rose HillSport Scholarship (2015-16)
Bethany School Sevenoaks School
Beechwood Sacred HeartArt Scholarship (2014-15)
Academic Scholarship (2013-14)
Academic Scholarship (2012-13)
Skinners Academy
BenendenAcademic Scholarship (2014-15)St Andrew’s PrepSport Scholarship (2014-15)
Sport Scholarship (2013-14)
Bennett Memorial SchoolThe Skinners School
Bethany SchoolDrama Scholarship (2014-15)
Drama Scholarship (2013-14)
The Judd School
BuckswoodAcademic Scholarship (2017-18)
Sports Scholarship (2017-18)
Academic Scholarship (2015-16)
Tonbridge Girls’ Grammar
Burgess Hill SchoolAcademic Scholarship (2011-12)Tunbridge Wells Boys’ Grammar
ClaremontAcademic Scholarship x2 (2016-17)
Academic Scholarship (2011-12)
All-Rounder Scholarship (2011-12)
Art Scholarship (2016-17)
Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar
Heathfield Community College Weald of Kent
Mayfield SchoolDrama Scholarship (2015-16)
Academic Scholarship (2014-15)
Art Scholarship (2011-12)
Roedean Moira House Academic Scholarship (2015-16)
Sport Scholarship (2016-17)