Tailored learning


Tailored learning

Our focus is on giving every child the chance to shine, whatever their level.

The school is a wonderful environment where children can remain children, and where their confidence is nurtured and their love of learning stimulated.

Gifted & Talented

Our broad and dynamic curriculum is designed to inspire and challenge every child, and we are always seeking opportunities to extend and deepen learning. We want every child with a passion for a subject to be able to develop further, and no opportunity is missed to build on initial enthusiasm.

We believe that fair, frequently-reviewed setting is one of the best ways to ensure that this happens. We introduce setting first of all in year 3 maths.

In pre-prep, we build in many opportunities for oral, organisational, imaginative, risk taking, musical, sporting and dramatic extension, alongside the more traditional academic extension. We ensure those identified as being gifted or talented are challenged and succeeding.

In prep school, mathematics and English after-school clubs operate weekly, where teachers and children collaborate to solve particularly demanding and thought-provoking problems.

Our children frequently compete in external competitions, including the Junior Maths Challenge, and many enter for Associated Board Music, Royal Ballet and ESB exams.

Over the last five years our children have won over 30 scholarships, including the top academic awards to Benenden Girls.

Learning Support

Of course, children learn in different ways and at different speeds, especially when they are very young and developing fast. Intervention, sometimes seemingly at a very small scale, can make a huge difference to self-confidence.

To this end, our learning support team monitors and evaluates every pupil’s progress closely, so that they’re able to quickly and easily decide whether a child would benefit from additional learning support, and what form that might take. In some cases, we work with external experts to diagnose a specific learning difficulty.

We teach children of all kinds and levels of abilities, and make every effort to offer the right support at the right time. This might include using multi-sensory techniques to teach reading and spelling, helping with handwriting, changing the layout of a classroom, teaching touch typing, or providing a reader and/or scribe in exams.

In every case, the support we offer is designed to meet the needs of individual children, help them to apply practical learning strategies, and to build up their self-confidence.

Information is frequently shared with parents, so that they’re able to see the progress that is being made.