Creative Arts


Creative Arts

We aim to ignite in our children a desire to explore and experiment, to delight in the communicative power of different media, and to find joy in mastering many different creative techniques.

Our art room is a happy, supportive and stimulating environment where children learn about a vast array of techniques and materials, including drawing, painting, sculpture, printing, photography and textiles.

We combine creating art with the study of artists, designers and craftspeople, encouraging comparison and critical evaluation of our own and others’ work. In year 6, we also teach History of Art, studying various artists in the major movements, and learning how to recognise themes and artistic developments.

We exhibit as much of the art as we can around the school, and each year the children compete in an inter-house art competition.

We just wanted to say how wonderful our time has been at Bricklehurst; it is such a special school, our son has grown in confidence beyond our expectations and for that we are so grateful to you and your dedicated staff.