Pre-Prep (5-7 Years)

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Pre-Prep (5-7 Years)

Pre-prep offers children an essential academic foundation, while developing their social and emotional skills.

We strive to help our pre-prep children reach their full potential by giving them the confidence, and the skills, to become a fully-rounded person. And we believe that it’s just as important to develop personal, social and emotional well-being as it is to develop academic strengths.

In pre-prep, children are treated as individuals. We are always more than happy to adjust pace and content to reflect specific needs, while individual learning plans are prepared for those who might need extra help at a particular juncture, or with a particular subject.

It seems like a small thing, but we are proud to frequently celebrate individual milestones, big and small, inside and outside of school. We believe that this creates the right kind of happy environment in which children can flourish.

We’re particularly proud of the fact that the breadth and depth of experiences offered at Bricklehurst enables each child to discover what they love, what they are good at, and where they need to stretch themselves. For example, we frequently take the children on educational visits to fascinating places, and regularly invite special guests in to the school. Such expeditions and activities give children opportunities to work together, solve problems and try new things.

What wonderful years our 2 children have spent at Bricklehurst. They have been nurtured, encouraged and given the confidence to believe in themselves.


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We offer a huge choice of clubs and activities which enable children to discover more about, and get more out of, what they love.
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